Tracy’s Story: A Chill is Born!

“Doing yard work on a hot summer day, I decided to take a break and cool down with an ice-cold beer. I took a couple of drinks and returned to work. By the time I took another sip, my beer had started to get warm. Rather than throw it away, I went to get a gel-filled cup from the freezer, but found that my wife had removed them. Since re-freezing the cup would take too long, I reluctantly added ice to my beer.  However, as the ice melted it watered down my beer and affected the taste. I knew there had to be a better way to cool my beer without waiting for a chemical to freeze or watering it down with ice! So, the IceSoKool concept was born. Now I can add ice to the insulated chamber instead of to my beer, keeping it cold, and it’s no longer watered down.”


The IceSoKool Story

I’m Tracy, entrepreneur with a big idea
and proud to call the Cincinnati Tri-State area home.